This implies that Zamasu did have purity of heart, his evil actions being a result of his misguided ideals that destroying the sinful mortals would restore peace and beauty in the Universe. Beerus then destroys the already deceased Dr. Mashirito. Zamasu is easily considered the darkest villain to appear in the Dragon Ball franchise, due to his personality of hatred to mortal kind, along with his actions of not just murdering Gowasu (his former master), but also revealing his true nature in front of Goku and ended up being destroyed by Beerus. (vs. Black Adam) "Zamasu couldn't kill you for good, but I will." The question still remains, as to why Beerus never stopped the bug created by the doctor "cell." Zamasu tried to kill his master, but he found his hand covered in a cat-themed mitten, which nullified his attack. Or characters with immense strength and capabilities. He is the secondary antagonist in "Future" Trunks Arc. The obvious reason for this outside of the universe is Whis being too powerful for any participation on his part. Beerus will have to take matters into his own hands. Raditz was the definition of pure evil. Weltall Zero Divinoids Developer at Catpad Games. If he was able to retain his power like Beerus, it would mean Goku was way too OP and it would honestly tarnish him as a character. Zamasu was the Zamasu of the future Trunks's world. Now that gods are involved, Zamasu's treachery isn't a mortal matter anymore. ... And while he has faced Gods such as Zamasu and Beerus, the strongest mortal he came up against has to be Jiren in the Tournament of Power, ... Goku had to sacrifice himself in order to kill his brother. But Whis and Beerus had no other option. Zamasu being destroyed by Beerus. Wiz: Lord Beerus, God of Destruction. You've always been a bit of a child from my perspective." Krikara said, "It's possible that Beerus didn't need to seek Buu for a challenge if he was already stronger than him." Question. [Question] How did zamasu kill all the gods. In the manga, it's Beerus himself who says he wouldn't be able to destroy an immortal Zamasu. ... Lord Beerus. Verified. It was the perfect opportunity for Zamasu to kill Gowasu. Also, just like what happened with Cell, Moro looks as if he is about to take the Earth and the entire universe with him in a massive explosion. Finally, there's another future timeline that was created due to Whis traveling to the past to warn Beerus about Zamasu … He hasn't notified any superiors of the death of his charge, neither has he tried to investigate the circumstances behind Beerus' death. – … Feel free to leave any suggestions for more quotes in the comments below. Beerus (Dragon Ball) Zamasu (Dragon Ball) Kibito (Dragon Ball) Old Kai (Dragon Ball) Original Characters; Original Saiyan Character(s) Original Angel Character(s) Fu (Dragon Ball) Son Goten; Fusion Zamasu (Dragon Ball) Krillin (Dragon Ball) Android 18 (Dragon Ball) Yamcha (Dragon Ball) Piccolo (Dragon Ball) Original Fusion Character(s) Beerus, Whis and Goku travel to Universe 10 to meet with Gowasu and Zamasu after gaining a clue about Goku Black's identity; when Zamasu is discovered to be planning to kill Gowasu, Beerus confronts and erases him. Kid Goku) "I fail to see the change. This is according to a leaked synopsis, which is supported by the trailer for episode 59. Why Beerus did not kill Buu when Buu was on rampage? In DBS Ep 67, Whis states that by Beerus killing Zamasu it created a new timeline where Zamasu never died. Because that same Zamasu that was killed by Beerus was the same one that became Goku Black. The God of Destruction plotted to kill Zamasu, which he will enact upon in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 60. Other Media Edit Games Edit Playable Appearances Edit (vs. Both the encounter and news of the present timeline's Zamasu inquiring about the Super Dragon Balls and Goku adds further depth to the mystery as Goku, Beerus, Whis, and the Seventh Universe's Supreme Kai stop him from murdering Gowasu with Beerus believing he solved the crisis by completely destroying Zamasu which would negate future versions of himself. Edit:- Or maybe he meant the Non-Corporeal Zamasu Loading editor. However, Beerus insisted and Gowasu suggested this would be a learning opportunity for his apprentice to deal with a Mortal directly. To both Gowasu and Zamasu's surprise (though neither Beerus' or Whis') Goku far surpassed Zamasu in combat. However, the three then realize Bulma forgot the seal to place on the pot, allowing Zamasu to break free. Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66: Beerus Will Destroy The Earth Just as expected, by arrogantly giving Moro a Senzu Bean, Goku has lived to regret his decision, just as he did against Cell. Beerus and Whis however didn't say anything as they continued to watch Zamasu. Hellspawn28. Sensing something wrong with Zamasu's energy, Goku Black goes to see what's going wrong. Oct 26, 2017 15,237 But even if Buu was not a challenge, he though was a threat to him. Edited by RM97 04:15, November 20, 2017. As Zamasu charged Beerus, the latter grabbed his wrist and stated they have seen his true colors before destroying him, reducing Zamasu to sand. Didn't See That Coming: Present Zamasu's plan to kill Gowasu and steal the Time Ring to use the Super Dragon Balls would have gone off flawlessly, if Goku didn't encounter Future Zamasu and told Beerus what happened. Supreme Kai urged. However, his action was spied on by Gokū and co., leading Whis managed to reverse time back to the moment before the attack. Instead, he disintegrated Kaio from present Zamasu. Goku urged as well. Overall, Zamasu and Goku Black are the archenemies of Future Trunks due to murdering his mother … Beerus says he can't actually kill Zamasu due to his immortality in the manga. Did they not care for what was going to … Well altering time is a huge crime. Dragon Ball houses a lot of these characters. Boomstick: But what if we stick the two most powerful, and probably the 2 most ridiculous villains against one another, no Whis. 7 Conclusion Wiz: Gods. 10 Did Goku Beat Beerus In DBS? Thanks to the interruption of the destroyer god, who is starting to generate a lot of debate and theory about the intervention against villages. He can use his Low 2-C form Beerus is in character They fight on Maine, Derry. Beerus-Sama. I am curious what you guys think of this. Posted by3 years ago. More History; Done. Supreme Kai Gowasu is in grave danger! vs. Android 21 "What's this? By killing Gowasu, he became a Kaiōshin and took the Time Rings for himself. Beerus Well, Pennywise beat Zamasu, can he take on Beerus? Can Akkuman kill Beerus with the Devilmite Beam? This wording means that another timeline split off from the Main, not the Main split off from the Goku Black Timeline. Top. In truth what I think Whis actually means is that a new timeline was created when Whis turned back time to let Beerus kill Zamasu. I have no idea if the Universe 12 Traveler Timeline is the original, or if the Cell Timeline is the original though. So Zamasu should have Regenerationn from non-existence in the manga and anime if he cannot be killed even by Hakai, which … There's also the timeline in which Zamasu managed to kill Gowasu before swapping bodies with Goku and killing him as well, becoming Goku Black. Due to the powers of the Time Ring, the death of the other present Zamasu under Beerus' hand did not affect him. Cutting the fight short, Beerus … I think in Context Goku meant that Beerus can't Kill Zamasu cuz if he did, it'd create another Alternate Timeline like when Beerus erased Present Zamasu. Zamasu has light green skin, narrow eyes with gray irises, and a white mohawk. "I hope you'll show this old man some restraint, Lord Beerus." Zamasu said since his plan was carried out in the future, he could not die then. If Buu kills the Supreme Kai, Beerus dies too. Whis said that Beerus made a new timeline when he killed Zamasu. In this exciting installment, Zamasu will meet his demise at the hands of Beerus. ), aka he is bloodlusted. "How dare you misuse the body of one of my students?!" 6 DEATH BATTLE! When Beerus uses it, there is no time to act against it. vs. Beerus "In all these years, never did I think a day would come where I'd contend with a God of Destruction!" Beerus-Sama murders Zamasu from the present. Pennywise is in the sewers, Beerus is on the streets. vs. Goku Black / Zamasu (Fused) "I'm more than willing to wrestle a lady warrior!" I know its a late question but zamasu said he killed all the gods in the universe how is that when he merged with goku black he was on par with vegito and when goku first fought beerus he stated even if he and vegeta fused they might not beat him and i know this is before they achieved ssb but if this is not credible akira stated in an interview that even with ssb they wouldn't be able to beat beerus … Goku says that even Beerus wouldn't be able to kill Zamasu, but Whis tells everyone they'll seal Zamasu with a much better method than the one they used before. Special thanks to Dimension-Dino and MetaMaster54610 for most of the quotes. Before Zamasu can kill Bulma, Trunks and Mai arrive, and Trunks uses the Mafuba to seal Zamasu in a pot. It is also implied Whis and Beerus would have to seal Zamasu in the anime to for the win to, and we know Hakai did not work either to erase him from the timeline like Beerus thought it would in the anime. "If we don't hurry, Gowasu-sama will be done for!" He was the North Kaioh of the Tenth Universe but later Zamasu allied with Goku-Black because of their ideals after he killed Gowasu. Zamasu ends up using Mai as a shield to stop Goku's attack showing how unskilled he is in using it. He created a Shinretsuzan as he said his plan was about to begin. "Beerus-sama!" Archived. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Beerus 4 Kid Buu 5 Pre-DEATH BATTLE! Pennywise Beerus Pennywise is not clowning around (get it?