Unless the lawn was recently sprayed for weeds – then the catcher would need to be used and the clippings disposed of for the first couple of mowings after spraying. nodes). Buffalo grass is low maintenance and tough as a turf grass. Buffalo Grass is a great warm-season option for your lawn. Lawn repair is all about good lawn care practices, and there are no such things as magic potions in a bottle. Never fertilise the lawn regularly with what you would apply for a normal application, as this could severely damage and sicken the lawn. Wetting Agents are simple and good lawn care practices which should be done at least once or twice a year. . Perhaps 400,000 live across the western United States and Canada, primarily on private ranches. All based on solid lawn care practices, with everything in moderation, and nothing done to the extreme. Areas of lawn which are bare should be excluded from mowing until the area is once again covered with new Buffalo lawn growth which is strong and healthy. Regular lawn mowing will aid the lawn in repair by encouraging it to grow more laterally and repair itself faster. Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a good investment, especially when working with volatile products on and around your lawn. Buffalo grass is one of the most common lawn varieties seen across Australia. We can apply fertiliser a little more frequently during repair but, at much lower rates. Stop fertilising until the lawn is recovered. Raise the height of the lawn mower slightly if you believe the lawn was previously being mowed too low. Using this method, we use a quarter to a third of the amount of fertiliser we would normally use on our lawn. It is designed for use on your Matilda Buffalo Lawn, but can be used on any type of grass. The Mediterranean climate gives rise to chilly, single-figure overnight lows in winter, before turning on the burners over ... FAST FACTS Less mowing Less fertiliser Water efficient Weed resistance Pest and Disease resistance A low maintenance lawn is one that requires less mowing, fertiliser and ... FAST FACTS Hard-wearing Deep-rooted system Quick recovery from damage Soft underfoot and to touch Many families want a luscious green lawn that can cope with the heavy traffic ... Buffalo grass can be planted out at most times of the year in Australia. The warmer the weather, the quicker your lawn’s new roots will establish BUT, make sure you have plenty of water. Pasture dieback is a poorly understood condition that causes unthrifty growth and death of otherwise very productive pastures. Trying to decide which fertiliser to use on your lawn, and when, can be a daunting task. Summer is a great time for repairing bare patches with lawn seed, as new grass seedlings can establish quickly with regular watering. Because as the lawn is repairing and creating new green growth, these young shoots will be fragile and easily damaged, and thus will be easily killed by any wear and tear. Is there another grass such as Zoysia that requires less water but looks better and is easier to walk on than buffalo grass? Today Perth is no longer a slave to ... Weather-wise, Adelaide is a town of contrasts. Always aim to water the lawn … Stick with the one product. Here, the experts share their knowledge on how best to care for buffalo grass, why it's such a popular choice, how to water and fertilise it *and* how to treat some of its most common problems. Weed spraying is simple and done for all lawns when needed. For more information about mowing heights, check out our Lawn Mowing Guide for Buffalo Grass. If you are in any doubt, or repair from Brown Patch is not happening, then contact your local licensed Weed Spraying and Lawn Treatment professional for advice and treatment, as they will have knowledge and access to treatments which the homeowner cannot purchase. adventitious roots) at their joints (i.e. In other places, fertilising it in late autumn will help maintain your lawn’s colour even in the winter. Preparing Clay Soil for New Buffalo Lawn Many soil types in Australia which have a high clay or silt component will cause ongoing water logging and drainage issues for a new ... Reducing the Cost of Buying a New Buffalo Lawn There are two main methods to reduce the cost of establishing a new Buffalo grass lawn. Do not cut the lawn too short on a buffalo lawn as the roots can be exposed to the sun and get burned so therefore struggle to recover and turn very white after mowing. Organic lawn products can also be applied to the lawn during repair. Purchase a Broadleaf Weed Killer designed for use on Buffalo lawns, and dilute as per manufacturer’s recommendations in a large spraying bottle, applying to the turf in recommended quantities (measure the lawn to be safe). Like we said, there are no magic potions, just good quality lawn care based on sound lawn care practices for all lawns. The grass in the centre of the circle dies, leaving the area susceptible to invading weeds and other grasses. Sink the prongs of an aerator or garden fork into the soil about 5cm deep and work across the whole lawn. Grass that’s more hardy than you’d expect. The first symptom is a yellowing of the leaves and a darkening of the roots. What lawn is best suited for all the above? If other weed sprays are necessary, then look at these once the lawn has returned to good health. Fertilise every 8 – 9 weeks and water a couple of times a week (you can get away with just watering the bare areas) TIP: Whilst your buffalo grass is repairing itself, it is important to help it along by minimising traffic as much as possible. The lawn must remain strong to help fight fungal diseases in conjunction with the fungicide. Buffalo is a hardy grass, water should not be hurting it, my back yard at the bottom gets flooded when we get a lot of rain, at no time has the buffalo even looked like dying off. Wetting Agents will aid in dispersing water properly and effectively throughout the soil profile, and as such will help the lawn to receive the most benefit from its watering regime. Take All Patch is mainly active in cool, wet years and poorly drained soil. Buffalo Grass – Australia’s Best Turf Solution Compare Lawns Now. Once you identify why your lawn ... FIRST CONSIDER How will the lawn be used? Buffalograss is a low growing, warm season perennial. The lawn should be off bounds during repair. Be mindful of the seasons, watering more in hotter weather and less in cooler weather, and sometimes even stopping watering throughout winter if necessary. Now it’s time to adjust our lawn mowing practices. ... Spring lawn care means it will then be set-up to get through the coming summer months. Fossils discovered in Kansas show that buffalograss existed in that region at least 7 million years ago. Take All Patch. For more information about organic lawn care, check out our plethora of Natural & Organic Lawn Care Guides. One week after the application of fertiliser is the best time to spray for any lawn weeds. Thatch. In terms of a low-maintenance, high-reward turf variety, it doesn’t get much better than the hardy buffalo. Without these two components, all lawns will eventually become sick and turn brown. Using the wrong weed spray on Buffalo could severely damage or even kill the grass. However, too much … As the name ‘warm-season’ suggests; that’s the time when these grasses are actively … The disease favours damp soil and warm to hot weather, and spreads by waterborne spores. A regular watering, fertilizing and mowing schedule does wonders especially in summer. Queensland Blue Couch 15–30mm. Here are six easy steps to perform. Measure up the lawn and apply a good quality lawn fertiliser with trace elements and phosphate at the manufacturer’s recommendations. 1 Response. If mowing, a minimum height of 2”-3” will help the grass compete with weeds. For more fast facts and Q&As on our Buffalo varieties –. Good soil and close attention to new seedlings can help get a good stand started quickly. There’s dead patches in my lawn . erect or ascending) flowering stems (i.e. Remember the Golden Rule of lawn fungicides – they are only ever to be used in conjunction with proper lawn care practices (cultural management practices). It can tolerate prolonged drought and extreme temperatures. This gives the lawn an ongoing and much reduced source of nutrients. Be sure to use a weed spray labelled SAFE for BUFFALO GRASS. Lawn mowing should be continued as normal during the lawn repair phase for any areas of the lawn which are still in fairly decent health. What to do if you have Kikuyu yellows. While Sir Walter buffalo grass is easy to maintain, a lack of a fertilising regimen will cause your lawn to lose its health and colour. It will grow almost anywhere, from cold and wet Tasmania to hot and humid Queensland. Has it died?… Most Australian lawns consist of warm-season turfgrasses. These products are usually based on seaweed, blood and bone or pelletised manure products. To stop your buffalo grass from turning brown, begin a year-round lawn care regimen which involves regular lawn fertilising, and adequate watering. My wife and I have been saving up to landscape our lawn and want to put in some turf so that it can look nice without needing too much care. Apply an organic product once or twice during the three month period allowed for the lawn’s repair. Buffalo grass lawns need less water, fertilizer and mowing than Kentucky bluegrass lawns. Stem and leaves . Your Buffalo lawn will begin recovering after a few weeks of treatment and may take up to a few months to fully repair. Buffalo Grass is a short (12 in / 30 cm) drought tolerant perennial turf grass native to North America that is blue/green in color. The stems spread extensively over the ground surface, regularly producing roots (i.e. Multiple circles of Brown Patch are common on Buffalo lawns infected by the disease. And only if you feel like doing so. The Golden Rule: lawns should only ever be watered in the morning – never at night. Lawn mowing frequency stays the same as for all good lawn mowing frequencies, with only an adjustment in mowing height if necessary, while avoiding mowing any bare patches. Brown Patch is most active at a time of year when the Buffalo lawn is less actively growing, so therefore repair times from Brown Patch may be slow. The condition has been identified in a range of sown and native grasses across Queensland, including north Queensland, Mackay-Whitsunday, central Queensland, Wide Bay-Burnett and south-east Queensland regions. What is your soil type? Or check out our handy Quick Lawn Selection Guide. So let’s repair our damaged buffalo lawn, using solid lawn care practice. A Reel mower will give you the best results (if you can afford one). Kikuyu 30–50mm. Buffalograss is very drought tolerant. What is your area’s climate? Don Burke shows how to repair a bare patch of Buffalo Lawn with this cheap & effective method. This is one of the grasses that great herds of buffalo once grazed on and formed the sod early settlers used to build their houses on the prairie. Be sure to water the fertiliser into the lawn immediately after application. It can even be left uncut for a meadow look. Buffalo Grass can be mowed several times per year or left in place for a natural look. Aerate the entire lawn to stop further outbreaks. Instead of waiting 2 months until the next application of fertiliser, we can apply the fertiliser once a month during the repair phase. Buffalograss Seed - (Buchloë dactyloides) is the only native grass seed species that is used widely for lawn and turf applications. Thatch build-up is a common problem with many species of lawn, including Buffalo. Rolf’s Disease. Even during the hotter months, you can expect that the grass will survive without asking too much from you. To make it easier for you, myhomeTURF has put together a simple guide explaining what ... Brisbane and Queensland have diverse weather ranges and in terms of lawn care and maintenance here is an easy guide to follow. Be sure not to spray for weeds one week before or one week after lawn mowing, as doing so could severely damage or kill the grass. Prevention is the key to stopping all lawn diseases in a Buffalo lawn, and many of the same preventative measures which stop Brown Patch from taking hold in a lawn will also be the cure. Make your buffalo lawn the envy of your neighbours with these comprehensive expert tips. If you suspect your grass is suffering from too much water, cut back on the amount you are applying and adopt deeper and less frequent watering practices. These times will mainly be in the warmer months when humidity can be higher. Top dress to impress . So it’s a good idea to apply these at the same time as the fertiliser. These organic products can be very beneficial to lawns and soils in ways that regular fertilisers are not, but they will not replace the benefits obtained from real lawn fertilisers. The problem of lawn burn caused by dog’s urine is a common one. Garden; Backyard Ideas; Get your mag delivered!-Save 29% off the cover price! All these products are fine in moderation. We’ve stopped further damage being done to the lawn, especially to the new and fragile growth by no longer using the lawn for play during repair. Buffalo Grass losing colour is a sign of weakness and indicates it isn’t receiving all the care it needs. ZOYSIA LAWN CARE FOR BRISBANE Mowing Mow your ... Be sure to use a weed spray labelled SAFE for BUFFALO GRASS. Brown Patch is triggered in a similar manner and time of year as the Leaf Spot disease. How to pick the perfect type of lawn for your location. We have begun a proper lawn fertilising regime by using good quality lawn fertilisers, and we are applying the next few applications at reduced rates but, a little more frequently during the repair process. While there are many reasons why buffalo grass can make a good choice for a landscape plant, the best is the fact that it is drought-resistant. When disease attacks your turf, control can be difficult unless you know how to identify lawn diseases and understand the causes and prevention behind them. A Broadleaf Weed Killer will kill the majority of weed types in Buffalo grass. And, unless proper lawn care practices are put into place, the Buffalo lawn will remain highly susceptible to ongoing infections of Brown Patch and all other lawn diseases. Within a few weeks, we should be seeing some improvements to our Buffalo lawn. Like warm-season turf grasses, it will turn dormant and brown mid-fall through mid-spring. Today, bison are in little danger of dying out completely. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass; Sir Grange Zoysia; TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda; Eureka Kikuyu Grass; Nullarbor Couch Grass; Platinum Zoysia Grass; RTF Fescue Grass; Tropical Carpet Grass; Eureka Kikuyu Premium VG Grass; Turf suppliers; Laying turf; Lawn care ; Lawn care store; Call us. Semi bare areas, or Buffalo grass which is very thin on the ground, should be mowed without a catcher so to return these nutrients from the clippings back to the soil. From mowing, aerating & watering, to fertilising & seasonal lawn care tips, this guide covers it all… After reading this guide from head to toe you will be more than ... An Uneven Lawn Surface Whether you have a Buffalo Grass, Kikuyu, Couch or Zoysia lawn, an uneven surface really lets down the entire appearance of a home. Subscribe for $4.95 per issue Subscribe Now. Instead, fertilise properly with a lawn fertiliser as already recommended. The plant is a perennial native to the Great Plains from Montana to New Mexico. There are two ways by which you can plant buffalo grass – seeds or sods. It may need periodic edging to keep it out of soft pathways or adjacent planting beds. Lawn burn occurs when a dog urinates on the lawn, resulting in a brown patch developing that may damage the ... Don’t be put off laying a new lawn in the hot summer months. Zoysia 15–30mm. We must ensure our Buffalo lawn is receiving adequate water during repair. Short upright (i.e. It’s helpful to know that buffalo grass is able to survive on less maintenance than most other types of grass, but it should be watered frequently at first to let the root system grow out. Lawns of buffalo grass, although usually started from seed, may be vegetatively planted. Buffalo 30–50mm. A Broadleaf Weed Killer will kill the majority of weed types in Buffalo grass. Connect with us. Infected grass blades soon die and fade to a bleach tan colour when dry. If other weed sprays are necessary, then look at these once the lawn has returned to good health. Originating in the United States on the prairies of the Western Plains, it was given the name “Buffalo Grass” because it grew under the feet of millions of American bison, often referred to as buffalo. Next door fertalised, the lawn grew like crazy, mowed, a week later mowed again, a week later mowed again, now there are patches browning. Be careful not to over fertilise, which can damage the lawn, nor under fertilise, which provides little benefit. Wash mowers of all clippings after mowing an infected lawn. Buffalo grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is regarded as an environmental weed in Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia and south-eastern Queensland. The grass spreads by stolons and was first used as a turf grass in the 1930s. Simple tricks to detect pests in your lawn. It takes a LOT of water to keep the Blue Grass from dying and water is expensive here. Aerating the grass helps your soil to breathe, which improves nutrient absorption. Description: A fungal disease found in warm, wet conditions which produces brown, circular patches ranging in size from very small up to a few metres in diameter. Affects: Wintergrass, Nullarbor Couch, Bentgrass, RTF Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass, DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo. Types of grass . You may also like. So far we have added nutrients to the Buffalo turf in the form of fertilisers, we have stopped using the area for any type of wear and tear, we have ensured the lawn is being watered properly and receives the most benefit from that watering by applying Wetting Agents. Kikuyu, Couch, Zoysia and Soft Leaf Buffalo lawns are the most common types and fit into this category. If your new Prestige®, Palmetto®, or Sapphire® Buffalo Lawn has developed circular patches of dead, brown or dying turf areas, then the most likely cause will be a lawn fungus disease called Brown Patch. . This is when excess water continues to sit on the lawn for long periods of time under humid conditions. As well as interfering with healthy grass growth, too much water encourages weeds and lawn pests. Get into a regular program of fertilising and watering whilst your buffalo turf is repairing itself. Using the wrong weed spray on Buffalo could severely damage or even kill the grass. This means no cars, no bikes, no playing etc… on the lawn during its repair stage. Matilda Builda - Fertiliser is a slow release product designed to give your lawn all the nutrients it needs to survive the Hot summer days and cool winter nights. It is the only commonly used grass seed type native to North America—and as any gardener would tell you, native plants are easier to take care of than are nonnative plants. On inspection, the lower part of the dead leaf will appear as a rotting dark brown colour. Buffalo grass still grows wild on the western prairies of the U.S. and has become a true rags to riches lawn grass variety. You can go nuts with things like this, it all depends on how much it bugs you. Someone once said the grass is greener on the other side. The blue-green leaves of unmowed plants are commonly 8-10 inches and have very fine hairs on both upper and lower surfaces. Carpet Grass 30–50mm. Brown Patch is most active and aggressive during t’s peak growing conditions. Small, light brown dead patches appear and then continually spread. During winter the affected areas turn grey. It doesn’t need much fertilizer, irrigation, or even mowing. The plant has a history of being expensive and hard to establish but planting buffalo grass from the