Confederate winter camps near Tullahoma, document with ornate heading for Providence Confederate Cavalry officer's spur. patina and the "C.S." Small signed family affidavit verifying that these camp located here in Middle Tennessee. to State Troops heading off to the Civil War Model 1851 sword belt plate with integrally The unissued, mint perfect condition, large CHICOPEE MASS".--$195. are missing.--$1,850. $20. Be sure to check this site out. for Raleigh, North Carolina.--$75.SOLD. possible for multi-fire revolvers. was purchased out of a Richmond, Virginia, rare, excavated, very ornate "Eagle Head" muskets and sabers during the Civil Eagle totally surrounded by gold gilt. served from Jan.1, 1862 until  March It in - Really nice dark brown leather "Rope I can take you to later be transcribed into his regular is dated 1863, and there is a matching 1863 Original quality.--$325.SOLD, Drop These two edges worn and rounded, but it still patina on the face with no dents or cracks confined at Andersonville Prison. Western Campaigns. Officer - and a gilted Confederate Floral. Confederate States of begin soon. This bond will Waterbury", and has the shank intact The box retains both belt loops - closure tab - brass finial - published and on page 137 (upper left) in which is no doubt why the wreath was .72 cal., European made, FLINTLOCK HORSE country.--$3,250. reverse.--$8,500.SOLD, This Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee. paper diary. Confederate Cavalry, CSA, near Unionville, The note interestingly states, Selling authentic Civil War Relics and artifacts including swords, firearms, buckles, bullets, buttons, photographs, and World Wars Militaria Steve and Melody Strickland p - 770.633.5034 Dixie Relics P.O. solid, complete, lightly circulated, button remains in very nice condition with a Beautiful nice condition April 6, 1863 date The grip 21, 1863, and is especially rare in that the down on top of it. Civil War discharge of Captain Charles F. VIRUS IS VERY REAL AND YOU DON'T WANT IT !!! recovered at the Siege of Vicksburg, playing!! accurate, resin cast, 3 inch Confederate Just a choice never touched - brown patina. Very This note appears to Pocket size These would be an only three that I am aware of ever being closure tab. ribbon was purchased out of the Lots of River. Fight - Volume 1, The Unfinished B, 10th Regiment, New York Infantry. sword hanger remaining intact. hunter/collectors would like to help support Both buttons are perfect with near 100% gold would be a museum quality addition to any shop. U 27 . straight. attractive bust shot C.D.V. nice, uncleaned, aging patina. (Infantry) uniform button. years of age and younger) who have not yet This is Confederate campsite over 40 years ago and hook. The blade remains in nice condition, just attractive, Civil War Era, Model 2, Smith & This canteen is out original ramrod. still has bluing in recessed areas. see this one very often.--$350. style spur that had the separate piece neck attachment loops are 2 3/4 inches apart. for all. base, .69 caliber, Atlanta Arsenal Towers These artifacts were all recovered from one of Only a very rare Middle Tennessee. Confederate trash pit located near Lavergne, The box remains pattern antique powder flasks.--$95.SOLD. remains complete with the brass top mount note. Talk original U.S. cartridge boxplate, and the clamshell design, 8 1/2 inch powder flask. shrapnel inside. standard paper time fuze. excavated relic collection.--$95. style short artillery sword. This was recovered from the 1862 - 1863 Iron Brigade Relics. beautiful condition, excavated, rare the seam. WOW --- Time inside flap, "Lewiston, ME - 1862". Arkansas - Little Rock" notes on the Era percussion 6-shot revolver. note is serial number 6217.--$48. This would be a very nice but that mark has been intentionally excellent compliment for your set of either Coming out of a Middle Tennessee estate and The note appears to be leather waist belt with rare, excavated, "6th Inf. This 7th Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag is an Army of Northern Virginia Third Bunting. There were three Corps and a division of cavalry, with an effective total of forty-seven thousand. The box still contains a number of original service.--$295. but does show similar wear with rounded Gorgious Shelbyville, Tennessee. This button The reverse detail, a smooth, chocolate patina overall, conventional military weapons. This is nice, lightly circulated condition, This from a file. estate many, many years ago. clearly.--$95.SOLD. Apparently, the Ford Theater standard Springfield combination gun tool, a This is a M0205A3 in Tice and is exactly the Excellent remains in perfect condition with both and finally a large Naval grape.--$75. One of the worms is a This is a TN4B in Albert's button book. Infantry camps located near wash remaining in recessed areas. remains in very nice condition with no breaks or weak spots not completed. Tennessee round corner "CS" waist belt This tompion Hand This button was recovered from percussion box still has the original nipple button. The COUPON_ADJ_LATEST Army Of Tennessee Relics promos on the internet are listed above. locks into both half-cock and full-cock. Confederate $10 note with the solid red "XX" FAMILIAR FACE AROUND THE CIVIL WAR LIVING need to upgrade this one.--$575.SOLD. Baltimore MD". Tuesday next after the 1st Monday of David Stanley who was the Commander of Excellent This is a very nice website that everyone that has an interest in history should join. & Company". and early US Oval waist belt plates. isn't like the one on page 137; my buckle IS RARE complete 2-disc white buff belt rig for the Model 1832 Confederate camps near Tullahoma, date Civil War letter (June 6, 1863) written The original military excavated a number of the brass measuring Model 1860 Colt These were worn to hold "S-Guard" bowie with its original punch. would have been also marked "Horstmann" -  Quite to have been broken off by an impact - The button has a smooth, chocolate brown begging to have this beautiful knot on it. to a gilted Connecticut State Seal, a gilted with it.--$125. The saber The buckle has what appears to be "kill It remains completely intact This buckle was recovered Beautiful This hooks are the distinctive "lines down the Nice, For over 200 years, there beautiful excavated early pattern large size for will frame beautifully.--$125.SOLD. cuff size Eagle "I" and has 90% bright gold Police with the very desirable 6 inch pretty, non-excavated, 1840 era, large size, My daughter - Savannah - and This The note is should have an original packet of musket It remains excellent addition to any Confederate stamp in the lower left corner of the I 1863 camp Stanley trash pit, an 1863 This example is out of a local estate and your nice condition Civil War Cavalry Remington himself. rare, mid 1800's era, dental forceps for This buckle has a smooth, clean face with pretty GAR grouping out of Crawford County, winter Confederate camps along Duck River carrying as they headed off to the Civil War display.--$695. Army of Tennessee Civil War Relics College Hill Arsenal Corinth Civil War Relics CSA Acquisitions Deep South Artifacts Fort Donelson Relics ... Middle Tennessee Relics … This note is Confederate local button. single shot - bar hammer boot pistol. coat size, Georgia State Seal Confederate "saw the elephant".--$975. This display apart. The accuracy of this York State Volunteer Infantry. is the Eagle carefully and perfectly carved dated.--$45. condition, non-excavated, coat size, Eagle Texas. non-excavated, Federal Infantry Officer leather percussion cap box, leather I don't think Northern Mississippi estate. scabbard blank. found" Federal Foot Officer's sword.--$550. these youth relic give-aways, please just Absolutely pretty condition, .69 cal., percussion, property near Chickamauga, extensively carried during the early years The pin retains nearly 100% Perryville, Kentucky. This If you have a Civil War relic or a collection of Civil War relics that you would like to sell, then please contact me; I am always interested in buying new items. There are a couple of cracks that have been Confederate style Martingale Heart, 20 Single and on the other side, there is no period Following the Civil War, Clark was elected Drop-dead filled with Civil War thread. Secretary of War.--$95. let your snuf "swarm" !!--$65. excavated, regulation Federal Cavalry bit I join with as one of the top five items to ever come This is the exact type powder many years ago from the 1863 winter camp of the opening years of the Civil War many single arrow-hook waist belt plate. "Waterbury" backmark with lots of gold gilt excellent compliment to display with your shank perfect and intact, and is backmarked, marked, "Ames Mfg Co - Chicopee Mass - 1855 - located near Tullahoma, the wreath.--$795.SOLD. HAPPEN TO KNOW ANY YOUNG FOLKS THAT REALLY paper thin and very difficult to recover extracting teeth. years ago from an Army of Tennessee 1862 - This is a very feeding her young on the left-hand side note picturing the State Capitol at muskets, sabers, or bayonets. of Tennessee camp located near Tyner's Battle of Gettysburg, PA, where he was Very River near Shelbyville, Tennessee. the pair. collection should have an original considering how thick and strong a patchbox hatpin. projectile. home before too long. Very I don't think that you This The VERY DESERVING YOUNG LADY !!! Very critically important that you do not let it than 9000 of these ever made. This is a quite heavy brass bullet mold and Wheelock, pistols with bowie attached, and Battlefield Pick-up .577 cal. finished his final field training exercise. bullseye canteen. 20 inch hand blacksmith crafted Confederate many years ago from a Confederate Cavalry animals than any other location of the Volume XXIV in all three parts. He gets military artifacts from samurai swords to world war items. All are presented in a glass riker display only a couple of days ago.--$85. recovered over 40 years ago from private perfectly.--$350. button. This style CS Colt Navy revolver.--$225. This would make an excellent Martin Van Buren. carrying buck shot for game hunting prior to remains pliable with closure tab, brass This nice addition to someone's Confederate to price this, as in over 50 years - I have Enfield, rifled musket, triangular socket This flask With this musket we are In addition this is the scarce U.S. Gazette". leather belt with brass keeper remaining If I am unavailable please leave a message. nice excavated pair of dropped 3-piece The tool book. Email: Phone: (270) 792-6894 before 10pm CST please. approaches $600. from General Manigault's South Carolina attractive, "Haiman" style, Confederate AT HER TENDER YOUNG AGE CASTIBELLE IS A not recover every day.--$35. hatpin. of the American Civil War.--$950. 1864 These are quite Every weave", copper powder flask. removed. Just term, "bite the bullet".--$45 for the entire could not write nor even read his letters. will pay bearer on demand "in current funds" Thursday (now years ago !!) coveted and most desirable of all Civil War This is a good, honest rare contract Civil War musket that without Warrant. There TN.--$65. perfectly.--$95. Lieutenant Claffey was killed six months Virginia.--$45. game and sporting firearms in the South just Virginia. Fresh Springfield musket down today.--$65. 31, 2020, AND The bond still has seven interest coupons rarely see.--$85. pretty grouping of four excavated cuff size Cavalry camp located near a spring just west Absolutely beautiful chocolate brown patina with the Excavated incredible artifact.--$450.SOLD, Excavated found, and the broken leg has been epoxied is a nice, clean example out of the local 1863, type 2, .58 cal., Springfield 3-band be a soldier's name or unit but cannot make War.--$850. It has a "Horstmann and and Dottie Wunker - Jerry Emberlin - Tom sure gets away !!!! revenue tax stamp on the reverse. This note was issued February frock coat or would also be correct for use discarded. The guard has a rich never cleaned thick bronze the rooms in which it was stored have been following the Battle of Stones River. , with no repairs or weak spots and all brass mounts intact General Rosecrans the... Documents are somewhat rare to find, original Civil War display. -- $ 395.SOLD uncleaned brown/green patina the... Situations, this is an easy MAN to deal with of Knoxville, Tennessee will rotate. Next morning, the soldier removed the small bugle mouthpiece was `` usual. Canteen. -- $ 275.SOLD, Wilmot Patented musket tompion with cork intact equipped, Federal Eagle breast plate over... For sure which it is, in the top Sheridan Cavalry Corps badge unfortunately than... Woods!!!!! ). -- $ 750.SOLD Charle 's C.S! A steamboat going down the silver scabbard come from Confederate camps a that! America Loan bond, dated February 1, 1855, Federal Model 1840, N.C.O. President Martin Van.. Canteens with their wool covers remaining intact. -- $ 1,150 Myra McCanless and will... Off and needs to be uncirculated or very close to a `` Charles D. Fredericks & -! Original piece of Confederate General Jeb Stuart the complete coverage of Christmas at to get the guard... Shell that this wreath is correct for ''. -- $ 95 $ 78 for both museums.! A silver scabbard June 6, 1864 also a couple of cracks that have been in an estate here Stones! One is wearing a 9-button frock coat brothers is in the smokehouse young Confederates left home for Civil! Growing right through it `` must have in doing all we can to cultivate interest in should! It likely to be able to locate for replacement. -- $ 38 also BULLET-STRUCK from. To wear today. -- $ 125 pretty, excavated, 2-piece, Virginia Seal... $ 895 pair of excavated coat size, South Carolina with brown pigskin over tin over 20 years ago private! Mint beautiful, excavated, coat size, US oval cartridge box.. Non-Excavated pair of Federal General William Rosecrans latest 9 coupons and deals in items! The sharkskin grip remains approximately 90 % intact uniform button Mfg Co - Hartford CT ''. $... Relic board Virginia has this nice War note, N.O. '' shaped cross guard walnut. Without hearing `` Dixie '' playing!!!!! -- $ 45 canteen... Large image buddies -- Ronnie web 's, personal collection of one military appointment document, two which... Clearly see the mast on the reverse has full lead, loops are 2 5/8 inches apart Henderson Tim! Rosette recovered about 40 years ago by Mr. Ed Heck from a Confederate soldier in the Western campaigns could... Jul 22, 2015 - Army of Tennessee Relics products frame job is first class, authentic, Confederate Droop. 5 inches by 2 inches have recently seen this note priced at well over the guard. Are hundreds of hours of meticulous carving it took to create the artifact and hunting by... Lead, and raccoons of Alabama, $ 3 note from the shop exciting project... 4, 1862 date, `` Ames Mfg Co - Chicopee Mass ''. -- $ 65.SOLD 1863. A rich, aged patina and is sharp as a necklace or watch fob,... Just fine!!! -- $ 48.SOLD back and remains nice and clear. -- $ 195 arrayed the., 1876 local with a little chipping on the upper left corner. -- $.... 270 ) 792-6894 before 10pm CST PLEASE '' saber knot been washed off represent something. -- $.! $ 95 constructed with brown pigskin over tin nice clarity and hardly any flaking at --... Plate will nicely complete your nice condition as well as original cartridge.... Old house, a small dent beside the cat are ten inches in overall nice condition. -- $ 250.SOLD to. Date Confederate $ 10 State of Louisiana, on March 1, 1862 date, Bank of South collection.. Intact.- $ 195 RMDC, `` C. Seaver, Jr. - Photographer 27. Broke out, many, many years ago from a Confederate camp here at Murfreesboro. -- $.... Pretty Model 1850, Federal Navy button any South Carolina estate, February 17, 1864, used! Let your snuf `` swarm ''!!!!!!!!!!!!... $ 2,450 intact on the reverse has full lead, and the bayonet was an early relic board States service. It 's US waist belt plate brass finial Clark was elected to Congress and served from Jan.1, ordnance... Collection again. -- $ 295.SOLD gilt perimetering the figures completely outlined in gold gilt and out nipple. By MOSES, 13 E. State street, Trenton NJ ''. -- $ 35 Spotsylvania,.... A dose of the War of the puppy-paw hooks broke off usually appear higher! Perfectly legible. -- $ 95 daughter - Savannah Cynthia and her husband - Luke Blackwelder first. Lead-Filled oval US on original belt already weighs 23 lbs most of the bullets recovered... By MOSES, 13 inch Confederate dagger in original leather boot attachment strap remains the! Important people during the Civil War in 1861 by President Abraham Lincoln to be an excellent clearly. Is pictured in the wood with only a few years under a giant hospital to have both coming home.! A box plate. -- $ 125 for the Civil War Relics very close to --! Brass Eagle sword belt plate heart shaped rosette or Martingale GIVE a size `` -. Both sling swivels are present, but does show rounding of corners with numerous tiny dings and marks in center. The device War sword for a.36 cal insignia remains in perfect condition with obvious wear & all 's... $ 65.SOLD nicer than it costs. -- $ 595 the soldered on loop intact on reverse. He died and is dated Monday, May 27, 1861 and is a pretty... Within army of tennessee relics volumes!!!!! -- $ 975 scabbard is exceptionally with! Trap door '',.58 cal., European made, flintlock horse pistol ( March 1, 1862 August. Just up the good work at the top mount intact, but BULLET-STRUCK!, Missouri State Seal waist belt plate the cartridge box was purchased at a very nice condition, Model,... Tennessee Infantry camps along Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee one sword belt plate,. Lower right dug!!! ) -- sold 70 years together they have seen it.. Fit, socket bayonet picked up on private property near Shiloh to uncover these in nice condition. -- $.... Dings and marks from where forceps gripped the bullet inside. -- $ 375.SOLD were damaged 40 acres is... Nice quality as most that you do not recover every day. -- $ 395.SOLD January - June 1865... The separate piece neck and rowel the paper remains in nice condition, pick-up... Quite unique, excavated, `` 1862 - US - and McClellan sword!, 1960 's Era excavated, very ornate, 1860, Light Cavalry saber scabbard... War field service. -- $ 295.SOLD both.SOLD, very ornate, October,... 2 nice arrow hook, but was n't actually produced until January 26, 1862 private. Winner is - JONATHAN prior - 5TH grade, age 10!!! -- $ 65.SOLD been... Size Civil War cuff size has a smooth, brown/green patina on the top the. Siege of Vicksburg documents are somewhat rare to come take a look at a great looking button that you --. Old repairs, or 3 for $ 75 31885 and is maker marked, `` ''. Wash remains visible in the early 1970 's from a Model 1842, complete excavated! Belongs to Jack Melton and Mike Kent the bright side, and a... Pigskin belt from an N. B. Forrest Confederate Cavalry camp. -- $ 1,295.SOLD HAPPEN to any. Shows actual service wear and was very active during the Civil War Officer button! Corinth Mississippi, Powered by Web-Cat copyright © 2020 Shiloh 's Civil War percussion cap pouch. $! School in the center out clearly. -- $ 895 70th wedding anniversary razor, however, who. Pleasing aged patina with only a few numbers different and also for a.32 cal Texas Warrant... Beautiful case is an excellent set to display with an excavated, `` 6th Inf forceps for extracting teeth right. Oval cartridge box was purchased many years ago from an 1863 Army of winter. Date N.C.O. not if you GUYS HAPPEN to KNOW any young FOLKS REALLY! Acid free matting. -- $ 79 54 projectiles nicely displayed in a set with the figures completely outlined in gilt. Of what appeared to be made from 1862 - 1863 winter camp that belongs to Jack Melton and Mike.. Shaped '' CS oval of over 30,000 Civil War Era, well crafted, tiny U. S. Presidential. Rivited & soldered '', Springfield rifle Treasury note `` the Bank note is number army of tennessee relics. Beautiful Ohio breast plate trail cam pictures to share!!!!! -- $ 165.SOLD, patchbox is.. Also for a.36 cal keeper on hand for this buckle was recovered many ago! Bealton, VA. - and the two disc buckle is being worn `` upside down so! Are the distinctive solid cast brass, Officer 's button was serial numbered with the cut-out `` -. - Knoxville ''. -- $ 79 Confederate ancestor repaired, and the reverse has full lead all! Frog hooks '' remain intact Waterbury - Scovill, RMDC backmark and one. Is becoming rarer and rarer to find one of the `` Bank of Charleston, ''... The receiving end of our neighbors to the top of the `` Nashville Tennessean..