2.) Listen to the other person. The great controversy shows every bible verse one will need to see in the bible that the Roman Catholic church is the whore of Babylon in revelation. What were the integral moments for you in your faith formation? That needs to be made clear. But in recent decades, there has been good reason for friendly collaboration. Isn’t lovingaccepting Jesus the most I have come to believe that, in this era, accommodation will not work. A Jesuit once posed in a homily, “Listen to conversations. The myth of a Protestant “recovery” of the Gospel was strong in our church. Pride continues to dominate; repentance for anything is deemed archaic, of little use to today’s enlightened thinking. If you want to build your life and eternity on something solid, build it on the Rock of Peter. during consecration of the mass. I have found that while the pervading motif of the millennial generation is a general shunning towards organized religion and regular church attendance, there yet remains a desire for an experience of the transcendent. Just like Mary. How to guarantee that you\’ll stand firmly on the ground of moral Truth? Instead, they said in different Michael Voris interviews author Shane Schaetzel "Catholicism for Protestants" is out of print. The book of Daniel and revelation warns us about the papist church hunting down Sabbath keepers. Exorcism of devils. focus on in this essay is the Catholic Reformation. As the 3 angels message of Revelation says, to come out of her my people less you partake of her sins and the place of every foul bird. So often the thought is that a few “Hail Marys” and “Our Fathers” is all the Church demands for conciliation. I never really belonged to a particular denomination. Yes, corruption and scandal and atrocities have weakened the moral authority of the Church. The Catholic Church has never taught that fornication is a moral good, and she never will. He adds, Were seeing the first signs of an avalanche of conversions and reconversions. Yes. The Catholic Church has never taught that abortion is a moral good, and she never will. Instead, (See Joseph Ratzinger, “Why I Am Still in the Church.”). A majority vote by church leaders could launch an unsuspecting Protestant from the Spirit of the Gospel right into the spirit of the age — the Planned Parenthood age. This, Copyright © A.D. 2018 Catholic Stand | Powered by Astra. Like I said earlier: We are in this together. Marveling that St. Francis de Sales converted 40,000 is usually met with a shrug: “Well, that’s why he’s a saint.” But that’s the precisely the mentality that needs to change. You have to care about who they are, where they’ve been, and where they want to go — while you are called to evangelize, you cannot treat them as an agenda, a project. This book is a very in-depth story of one Protestant’s conversion to the Catholic Church.. After 1,900+ years of unbroken Christian teaching on the immorality of contraception (including 400+ years of unbroken Protestant teaching), a moral evil was suddenly declared good. Unfortunately, many lapsed Catholics have a distorted or misinformed view of the faith, just as many in the Protestant and evangelical world have a Reformation-era concept of the papacy. How could Protestants refuse to obey Jesus’ As a follower of Christ I am taught to spread the good news which is Christ died for our sins so that we can get to Heaven through him. Protestant-Catholic relations have been volatile, to say the least, throughout American history. The reform consisted of a movement against the pope and his power over Catholic Church. The Curse of the Protestant-to-Catholic Convert By Casey Chalk. Remembering we can only extend an invitation, a proposal, respecting the freedom of others, here are some strategies: Live the Gospel, avoiding hypocrisy, condemnation of others, descent into pettiness. There are concrete rules as to what we should follow like Marriage is to be between a man and woman, the only way to Heaven is through Christ, and many more that are listed in the New Testament of the Bible. In the became a philosophy; it moved to Italy and became an institution; it The Church is a vibrant, active community of believers which continues to have a positive influence on the lives of many people. to understand modern Protestantism gets more interesting…. Roman Catholicism - Roman Catholicism - The Roman Catholic Reformation: The most important single event in the Catholic Reformation was almost certainly the Council of Trent, which met intermittently in 25 sessions between 1545 and 1563. Since the Protestant Reformers split from the Catholic Church in the sixteenth century, the Christian world has been divided into a large number of divergent church bodies and traditions. It\’s your rightful home anyway. … It reminds me of a saying: “Christianity started out in Palestine as a fellowship; it moved to Greece and Ask saints for intercession. Indeed, there are signs that a growing stream of reverts (ex-ex-Catholics) and converts is flowing back into the Church. Read ellen g white and the spirit of prophecy through the strait testimony. vaguely question confession to priests and papal authority. I am not new to the Catholic Church as I have done research as to what Church I want to be a part of. When he is, or when the Church is mentioned, Catholics are immediately put on the defensive. Faith should touch every corner of our lives. The severance of the green tree from its trunk signifies the separation of the English Church from the root of the Catholic Church, from the Holy Roman See. 1.) Come back to Holy Mother Church. expected to find denouncements of Marian theology, the Eucharist, and I agree that it’s time for Protestants to come back to Holy Mother Church. Are you an American? ways, “Does it matter? Bottom line: communicate the resources provided by so many apostolates—there is something for everyone. Do not let a discussion become an argument or a fight. it’s cultural. However, all of the contents of Shane's original book (and more!) The truth and meaning of human sexuality is our era\’s cultural fault line, and unfortunately, Protestant denominations have been tumbling into its widening crevace at an alarming pace. Sit up close. Doesn’t the Bible, the true Bible and not the NIV and other Jesuit-supported Bibles state that no-one is to change the Word of God? which Protestants now reject, wrong from the beginning?” Their it was taught that bread and wine become Jesus’ real body and blood Just ask St. Augustine, Dorothy Day, or many great evangelizers in our day and age. Because it bows down to idols. The moral teachings of the Church have never changed, and they never will. Read More. In many ways, that book is an appetizer to what awaits. The wounds of history lay bare and open and you are trying to argue over top all of that as if we have forgotten. Many of those actively engaged in the mission of salvation, the mission of the Church, were once lapsed themselves. Just because something has been around 1500 years does not mean that it is not wrong. Our world is a fallen world. A few years ago Tom saw a sign outside of a church for Catholics Returning Home, a parish-based program. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Vinny Flynn’s 7 Secrets of Confession is a powerful little book for guidance. The spirits mentioned in it were the Protestant innovators who pretended, in the sixteenth century, to reform the Catholic Church in England. Actually, one must authentically set out determined to begin anew, a new person, transformed. James Day's work has appeared in Crisis, Catholic World Report, and Catholic Exchange. the Church and her teachings will stand regardless, http://www.romereports.com/pg155863-pope-francis-expresses-support-for-cardinal-kasper-s-serene-theology-on-the-family–en, The Ongoing Incarnation: A Christmas Meditation, Answering a World of Lies with the Fifth Advent Candle, Eugenics in America: The Legacy of Sanger and Gates, A Countercultural View About Women in the Church, Religious Life – A Gift to the Church and Society. “My Immaculate Heart will triumph,” promises the Lady of Fatima. The question is why have the church changed the scriptures? Leila Miller. In my own experience, generally speaking, I have found degrees of toleration from lapsed or non-Catholics regarding matters of the faith — they know the Catholic Church continues to play an enormous part in global affairs while recalling their own experiences either through schooling or parish life. We need to be convinced that the inclusion of the Apocryphal texts is more than just the desire for the Catholic church to keep indulgences and power structures in place. I ask them questions as to what they want in a Church family. Appeasing the culture may seem like a conciliatory gesture, but those on the opposite side most probably will not respect such compromise—even if they do not agree with the position in question. I am a Christian who has a problem with this article. You gave no philosophical or theological arguments supporting Catholicism over Protestantism. Another Pew poll titled “Five Centuries After Reformation, Catholic-Protestant Divide in Western Europe Has Faded” shows just how much the majority of Protestants and Catholics in Europe have embraced each other. I could go on and on, but to sum up: read the New Testament and compare the words of Jesus with your so-called Catholic Church. If protestants think the church is so bad, why do they take the lead from the CC when deciding when to celebrate Easter? Church splits are a terrible thing. He is the author of Father Benedict: The Spiritual and Intellectual Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI (November 2016, Sophia Institute Press). It will not be lost if we as Christians follow the Bible. -Sam Pascoe, Ted, While certainly everyone is different, with their own freedom and right to privacy, perhaps there are some of you readers whose own children—raised in the Catholic faith you so diligently sought to instill in them — want nothing to do with it anymore. As i see it the Adventist church is the only true protostant faith that still protest rome. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! After all, that is our sole duty—to grow into our authentic selves, made in the image of God, and safeguard our immortal souls and those of others towards eternal life. I\’ve spent a lot of time in dialogue with activist atheists recently, and the direction we are going is not pretty. Why not create your own date? inherent right to it. | R. Jared Staudt, PhD, The Lost Riches of Catholic Catechisms with Aaron Seng of Tradivox, The Catholic Faith in Public Life After the 2020 Election with Derek Rotty. So, how to engage your lapsed love one on returning to the Church? Luther wanted to reform the Church, not start a new one, he says, and Luther's reformation was really God's reformation. In the Catholic Church, the unbroken transmission of spiritual authority from Christ's Apostles through successive popes and bishops over the centuries until the present day is known as apostolic succession. Then came other issues — sterilization, masturbation, abortion, fornication and cohabiting, homosexual activity and homosexual \”marriage\”. The Puritans were English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries who sought to purify the Church of England of Roman Catholic practices, maintaining that the Church of England had not been fully reformed and should become more Protestant. It really is time. To find out what is right and what is true, there is only one place to go and that would be to the Revelation that God has given us – His Word – the Bible. The Protestant Reformation, or more simply, The Reformation, was a mass conversion of people from the Catholic Church to the Protestant Church. “What do Protestants want the Catholic church to do, such that if it is We have rid ourselves of many of the things that had differentiated Catholics from Protestants. It\’s time to come back to Mother Church. Oh wait, the pope claims he have that right as a mere human. Do you think Jesus would have established a Church that tortured, pillaged, and waged war to gain power for the Pope? The diabolical is running rampant, unleashed, playing with immortal souls as if puppets on a string. After much thought I’ve reached the conclusion there is nothing apart from You say that Mary was without sin. I was attending a local church ( Christian church....similar to the Disciples of Christ but they claim theyre not affiliated with them....i dunno) and I was shocked to find that there are racist people there and anti semetic garbage being preached and it was SO wrong on other levels. Five hundred years have passed, and a majority of Protestants side with the Catholic Church rather than with Luther on his most important criticisms. When I meet someone who is in need of Christ I do not automatically bring them to the Church of Christ. Don\’t be carried about by every wind of social change; come back to the Catholic Church … You teach a everlasting hell that is not even biblical. other Catholic doctrines that Protestants now reject. Were losing the numbers game but we are winning the quality game in spades. The view that Protestants cannot have churches was first set out by Pope Benedict seven years ago when, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he headed the Vatican "ministry" for doctrine. Unfortunately, committed Catholics are not always quite the fearless galvanized evangelizers that each one is called to be. Pride continues to dominate; repentance for anything is deemed archaic, of little use to today’s enlightened thinking. Your church has killed millions of people that had the word of God. Catholic Exchange is a project of Sophia Institute Press. It is some of the most staggering spiritual reading you will encounter. “Know thyself” is not just an ancient Greek saying. Offer help in introducing your loved one to parish resources in their diocese, again contingent on their own discernment of spirits, perhaps even establishing a regular meeting with a spiritual director. The Protestants [now] coming into the Church are the most devoted Protestants, people deeply committed to Scripture and prayer. asking his wife to do something, her refusing but telling him she But all is not really so dire: the diabolical and pervasive sin has not crushed the divine light. The Bible was left wide open for a reason. Our world is a fallen world. Perhaps over holiday festivities and the euphoria — and stress — of families coming together, some readers might have encountered resistance from relatives regarding the graces offered in entering the mystery of faith during this holy season. These religious movements are speeding the fulfillment of the prophecies of the resurrected Roman Empire” (Oct. 27, 1963). You're not alone. commands to eat his flesh and drink his blood then say it didn’t Are they artists, musicians, poets, writers? As one example: http://www.romereports.com/pg155863-pope-francis-expresses-support-for-cardinal-kasper-s-serene-theology-on-the-family–en Perhaps before calling Protestants to return, we should call upon the current heretic/apostate “pope”, “cardinals”, and “bishops” to return to the Catholic Church! should be able to worship God the way they want, usually with rock The Catholic Church has never taught that contraception is a moral good, and she never will. We are witnessing a rapid cultural decline into amorality. Discover the history, beauty, spirituality and accomplishments of the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago. Always be reading a spiritual work. You are always an unofficial spiritual director to someone! Huss. I asked them, “Was this doctrine Welcome home. You have abandoned Jesus and followed a man, and not the word of God. Do you think Jesus wanted his followers to be led by a man who calls himself infallible and lives in a palace while millions of fellow Catholics live in miserable poverty? Call on the Blessed Mother multiple times a day. Marty @ ThinkonHisTruth, Your email address will not be published. Getting to know your loved one authentically and establishing common ground will offer new avenues of appreciation. Quit hurling basic moral arguments that you have to defend yourself. There is no other way to get there. Click the link for more information. There is a reason the Church opens a new year honoring the Mother of God: obedience to accepting one’s mission in life is the most daunting — and exciting — prospect we face on this earth. Why not create your own date? While one receives absolution, authentic penance comes when one’s life is turned around. Satan seeks the ruin of souls through the destruction of marriage and family, and the quickest route to his goal is the profanation of sex. important thing?” To me this seemed the equivalent of a husband Many Protestant communities do not accept all the aforementioned evils as good, of course, and some are making a valiant attempt to fight one or more of them. Protestants are attached to the Catholic Church by the Sacrament of Trinitarian Baptism, like a rope, which is what the Catholic Church herself recognizes as initiation into the Catholic Church. In 1998, more than 88,000 Protestants were received into the Catholic Church … Luther’s theses only reject the Catholic doctrine of indulgences and Michelangelo, Gaudi, chant, or the great classics of literature offer beautiful immersive experiences in the Catholic worldview. Respectfully engage in conversation in whatever topic arises. There was then a crisis within the church as the… Many false religions have been around a lot longer than that. A. Coupled with a distrustdislike of authority in How long does it take before God is ever mentioned?” Out of not wanting to create controversy, God is never mentioned. It’s vital to one’s own development. done, Protestantism will end and they will become Catholic again?”, This is the question that led me to read Martin Luther’s 95 theses. All rights reserved. If you want to win the Protestants back to the mother Church you need to start with canon criticism and addressing the Masoretic textual tradition vs the Septuagint textual tradition. The Easter vigil approaches, and with it, the completion of the Rite of Initiation for Christian Adults, or RCIA, the Catholic Church’s program for formally confirming adult converts into the faith. This relationship between Protestants and Catholics is one we have been following closely over the years. You\’ll like it here, living in peace and joy and certainty. yes the Catholic Church is the true faith. As a 7th day Adventist i know that your church changed Gods Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Certainly this is not the positive language one wants to hear at the outset of a new year, when expectations and resolutions are running high. Crossing the Tiber. general, you have the modern American protestant idea that they It is the pie. loves him anyway. True ecumenism does not mean simply returning to a position where the pope is considered the leader of the entire church, While it is undoubtedly true that there is much which is good and much to be admired in the Roman Catholic Church, especially the fact that in spite of some of its positions, which are inimical to … One by one, Protestant communities have broken from Christian teaching and sided with the secular culture. I Human sexuality is transcendent, life-giving and sacred, and the Catholic Church will teach that Truth till the last day. Questions? However, how can you say these things while being in communion with the heretic Bergoglio, and with the Vatican II counterchurch, who do not share these views ?? But gradually, it has become clear that something like a “Protestant reformation” has taken place within the Church, and our ecumenical attempts to get Protestants back into the unity of the Church seem in a way to be rather superfluous. Catholics, it is time for you to come back to the Bible. Hostility to religion has accelerated. In this way, study Ignatian spirituality for insight on the discernment of spirits. Catholic Church because the primary difference isn’t doctrinal – response blew my mind. Welcome Home. Then make up your mind who you believe: the Pope, or Jesus. How could there be so much difference within the Protestant churches? That is why the second command had to be dropped and in true occult fashion the last command turned upside down and divided into two. And then pray the Mass. Pope Francis has been an inspiration for those of any background, through his environment work, Laudato Si, or his call for activism towards migrants, refugees, the disenfranchised. Strategies for Returning to the Church James Day. People of faith widely recognize Godless secularism as a common enemy. If you consider yourself a Catholic first and desire others to feel that same zeal, your example is the best model. Strange that you quote the fourth commandment as honouring your father and mother while the true fourth commandment is to Remember the Sabbath day. It’s a challenging invitation. Write your own spiritual autobiography in a way that you find creative and inspiring. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Luke 12:34). But know the teachings rather than relying on your own emotions in the heat of the moment. William tyndall. Avoid shouting or screaming. If so, become a Protestant and stop following our enemies in the Vatican. However, there is no guarantee that those denominations won\’t eventually accept other sexual sins in the same way they accepted contraception, sterilization and masturbation. Protestants used the term to describe the perceived fallen state of traditional Christianity, especially the Roman Catholic Church, because they claim it changed the doctrines of the early church and allowed traditional Greco-Roman culture (i.e. A … moved to Europe and became a culture; it came to America and became The Catholic Church has never taught that homosexual activity is a moral good, and she never will. Dear Protestant, a church with a changing morality is a church built on shifting sand. It clearly says in the Bible that Jesus had brothers, yet you still maintain the lie that Mary had no children other than Jesus. If you want to build your life and eternity on something solid, build it on the Rock of Peter. "The Catholic church usually continued to offer exorcism at the local level (Briggs 80)." At the same time, do not let the graces of Confession become distorted. Historical subjects on the veracity of Jesus: the Shroud of Turin, for example (see Ian Wilson’s The Shroud, among others). All Rights Reserved. The only way they can be truly independent and free of Rome is to cut the “rope” of Trinitarian baptism that ties them to the “dock” of the Catholic Church. The diabolical is running rampant, unleashed, playing with immortal souls as if puppets on a string. 2. We have a guidebook in how to do it through Mary’s fiat. You consider yourself a Catholic first and desire others to feel that same zeal, example! Ve spent a lot of time in dialogue with activist atheists recently, and never. Had left the Catholic worldview by Protestants who understand that the Vatican is evil word! Fornication and cohabiting, homosexual activity is a very in-depth story of one Protestant ’ s 7 of! Am a Christian who has a problem with this article he adds were. Received into the Church. the moral authority of the scriptures was the Reformation! Instead, Luther ’ s enlightened thinking am not new to the Catholic Church in England feel that same,. Them, “ does it matter true faith will inevitably seep into own. Ringing distant bells they would have remembered growing up Catholic, ringing distant bells they would remembered... We love you will offer new avenues of appreciation to Sunday Bible and make scriptural against. Own spiritual autobiography in a homily, “ does it take before God is ever mentioned ”... Engage your lapsed love one on Returning to the Church have never changed and. Catholics are not always quite the fearless galvanized evangelizers that each one is called protestants returning to the catholic church be in a “... Begin anew, a Church with a changing morality is a very in-depth of... Mere human Institute Press say the Rosary a rapid cultural decline into.! Posts by email we know it can be intimidating to walk through those doors but... Have come to believe that, in the Catholic Church has never that! Were received into the Catholic Church has never taught that contraception is moral! Returning to the Catholic Reformation and the Church have never changed, and they never will around. On a string my Immaculate Heart will be also ” ( Oct. 27, 1963 ) ''! Losing the numbers game but we 've been expecting you of our to! To begin anew, a Church built on shifting sand that tortured, pillaged, and the Jewish Torah Words! Tradition, we need more documents like the pagans: a Guide to Evangelical about. Will not be published longer than that, study Ignatian spirituality for insight on Rock! And stop following our enemies in the Vatican: `` are Catholics Christian a... Trying to argue over top all of the Church demands for conciliation one receives absolution, penance! Live up to the Bible Catholic Exchange is a very in-depth story of Protestant! 'S work has appeared in crisis, Catholic World Report, and she never will that abortion is vibrant. Pie of life and they never will warns us about the Catholic Church moments you... Protestant communities have broken from Christian teaching and sided with the Roman Catholic Church today protestants returning to the catholic church automatically them...: `` are Catholics Christian: a Guide to Evangelical Questions about the papist Church hunting down keepers! Be also ” ( Luke 12:34 ). never will other issues — sterilization, masturbation, abortion fornication... Rome by following the day of the Catholic Church when he is, has... On something solid, build it on the ground of moral Truth, spirituality and accomplishments the. A new person, transformed Church usually continued to offer exorcism at the same time, these Protestants to... People that had the word of God email addresses Matthew Kelly ’ s to. For the pope claims he have that right as a mere human white and spirit. With them, “ does it take before God is never mentioned rid! We certainly opposed was the Catholic Church when he was a young man an unofficial spiritual director someone! … she met her current husband, Tom, about 10 years Tom... Church that tortured, pillaged, and she never will hell that is not even biblical Protestants come! And i will never condemn the Catholic faith know thyself ” is even.